What we are Learning

Role Play
  • Take on roles
  • Be flexible in their thinking
  • Express themselves in sentences
  • To sort and organize things
  • Decision making
  • To improvise and use things in a symbolic way
  • To carry out ideas with the cooperation of others.
  • Hand eye coordination as they pour
  • That some things sink and some things float
  • That water can change when you add things such as soap or colours
  • About wet, dry and evaporation
  • Capacity of different sized containers.
  • That sand texture changes from dry to wet.
  • Planning, implementing and building.
Art and Craft
  • To express imagination and creativity
  • Concepts of shape, size and location
  • That their ideas have value
  • To distinguish shapes and to purposefully create shapes
  • Colour recognition and how to make new colours.
Science/Maths Centre
  • Concepts of texture, colour, weight, shape, size, and characteristic
  • Concepts of length, location, space and angles
  • To group objects into categories
  • To observe likeness and differences
  • Concepts of colour, size and shape
  • Numerical concepts of more than and less than
  • Concepts of groups or sets
  • Counting
  • Patterns
  • To create and repeat patterns
  • Problem solving
  • Classify, count, balance, sequence
Play dough/Clay
  • Helps to strengthen little fingers, hands and wrists.
  • Foster your child’s imagination.
  • Children develop self esteem
  • Plan, create and mould.
  • Make believe and imagination
  • Listen, concentrate and remember
  • Awareness and concepts of print
  • Reading for enjoyment
  • Comfortable and relaxing experience.
Writing/Drawing Centre
  • Creative expression
  • Cutting skills
  • Fine motor skills
  • Communicate ideas
  • Rhythm and rhyme
  • Enjoyment and movement/actions.
  • Memory
Classroom Management
  • We listen when the teacher or someone else is talking.
  • When we hear the bell we stop, look and listen.
  • At mat time we keep our hands to ourselves and sit on the mat
  • We walk inside.
  • We use our inside voices when inside.
  • We are kind and use our manners.
  • We help to pack away.
  • Praise and stickers will be used as a reward.