Toddler Room 2 – 3 yrs

The Toddler Room caters to the educational and care needs of children aged between two and three, providing a range of experiences to ensure each and every child reaches their maximum potential.

We understand that each child and each family is unique; ensuring that our programme reflects different cultures and supports each child’s strengths, needs and interests.
As you walk through the kitchen you will find our notice and programme boards, displayed on these is a range of information for families including our weekly menu, the room routine and programme for the week.

Each child in the room is observed regularly by their Key-Educator, a certified person whom is allocated the task of ensuring each child is progressing well throughout their stay with us. As a follow up to each observation, activities and experiences are then planned and implemented to support and scaffold their individual development and learning. These activities are planned for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a main focus on fun and enjoyment. Our educational curriculum is based around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a national standard for early childhood education and care throughout Australia. For any information on the EYLF just ask the educators in the Toddler Room, we are always happy to help.

Your child’s Observation and Artwork books will be located in the large storage cupboard in the kitchen, please feel free to look through your child’s books and the rest of the Toddler Room at any time.

Things to Pack

  • Child’s own bag
  • Nappies if required, please provide enough for a full day
  • A labelled drink container
  • Changes of clothes, weather appropriate
  • A dummy, cuddle toy or blanket, if your child requires at sleep/rest times
  • A hat, for outside play (broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style)
  • Your child’s lunch