Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves in being a fully inclusive, equality centre, a place where children, families and educators are treated as equals and valued as individuals, underpinning the National Quality Framework and National Quality Standards.

The rights of all children attending our centre are paramount. We believe that each child is unique and special, with their own individual needs, thoughts, ideas and personalities. In order to achieve successful, competent and capable learners, all the children are encouraged to develop to their full potential within a stimulating, safe, caring and supportive environment, which in turn, promotes each child’s self-esteem and self worth with out fear of failure.

We are respectful to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, as well as the varying cultures within our community. Our programming provides age stage appropriate activities, within the guiding principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), National Quality Framework (NQF) and the National Quality Standards (NQS) and My Time, Our Place school age children curriculum, ensuring the highest quality of care and education at all times.

This is a summary of Our Philosophy, if you would like a full version please email the office.