Our Committee

The Collie Early Education Committee meets once a month to discuss the operation of Collie Early Education and provide support to children, parents and staff of the centre.

The Collie Early Education Committee’s objectives are:

  1. to promote the welfare and care of children and families;
  2. to establish and maintain the child care centre;
  3. to provide and maintain suitable grounds, buildings and equipment for such purposes;
  4. to establish and operate programmes for children as a service to families;
  5. to raise, aid or contribute in the raising of funds for the use and benefit of the association for any purpose considered advantageous to these objectives;
  6. to operate on a non-profit making basis and where possible on a charitable or benevolent basis with services and facilities to be provided in conformity with all requirements of government Federal, State of Local, and the work of the Association is to be based on need regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, or physical or intellectual ability;
  7. to maintain and peruse an interest in child care, early childhood and community matters generally and to comply with lawful requirements of and to assist government bodies informed of the Association’s views on the development of government policies and child care, early childhood and community matters generally;
  8. to assist and benevolent body or bodies in the furtherance of any of the above purposes;
  9. to do all such things as may be incidental to the attainment of such objectives.

The committee encourages you to become and active participant of Collie Early Education by joining the committee and/or supporting fundraising events.

Chrystle Uren